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Having a reliable and trustworthy tree service is not only essential for the beauty of your residential or commercial property, but it also helps keep the environment thriving. Being stuck with an undesirable tree stump or overgrown bush can be quite the eyesore when you’re trying to turn your property into a beautifully landscaped space. Selecting among the many tree companies Rome Ga has to offer is difficult, but you can rely on our services and excellent customer service. Our trained and qualified crew at Walker’s Tree Service eliminates the hassle of worrying about unwanted shrubs and stumps while also helping you plan for exemplary tree planting throughout the year. Our tree service in Rome, GA offers extensive benefits including tree analysis, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, land, and lot clearing, crown lifting and reductions, as well as support systems such as cabling or bracing. Choosing local tree removal companies is the best solution for a more customized experience. You can also have the hedges and unsightly climbing plants removed from your fence with our bush trimming service.

We strive to provide the most affordable tree service Rome Ga has to offer while maintaining top quality work and customer service. We ensure that you receive the service you desire, guaranteed, without having to spend a fortune on tree removal or other related projects. We understand the intricate process that it takes to evaluate and respect your needs when it comes to tree service and we make it our mission to complete the process from start to finish, leaving your property looking immaculate. Whether you require emergency tree removal or you are searching for assistance and tips for the pest inspection for future tree planting, our team will make every necessary attempt to assist you for all your needs when it comes to tree service in Rome, GA. Your satisfaction always comes first and foremost here at Walker’s Tree Service, so you can fully put your trust into the hands of our professionals to get the job done efficiently and accurately every time.

If you live in Rome, you may be overwhelmed by the many tree companies Rome Ga has on the internet. However, you can rely on our company for the best tree service in the market. Our professional team of employees is personable, professional, and experienced, and are willing to go the extra mile to be the top tree service Rome Ga has.

Tree Removal

A tree in your compound may have a catastrophic injury or die, and the best solution for you, rather than risk injury removing it yourself is to hire a local tree cutting service to handle it. Whether you have a large and dangerous tree or an eyesore of a shrub on your property, our tree removal service can take care of the project with a safe and efficient removal to have your property looking clear and clean. We understand the importance of having an old, dangerous tree removed and offer our services to keep the outside of your home safe for your entire family.

When it comes to the removal of any sized tree or shrubs, contact our team at Walker Tree Service for certified and safe tree removal in Rome, GA to take care of the potentially dangerous eyesore on your property. In addition to tree removal, you can count on our bush removal services to finely restore the neatness of your yard. We can handle any tree removal Rome Ga has to throw at us!

Tree Trimming

At times, your tree does not need to be cut down. It needs high-value tree trimming services to restore its great appearance. Our trained tree service professionals at Walker Tree Service provide extensive tree trimming practices to assist you in removing and trimming bushes that will enhance the attraction and ambiance on your property. Using natural techniques such as pruning and thinning, we can ensure a beautiful and healthy bush or tree that can be enjoyed for years to come. Trimming is an essential part of keeping your trees and bushes healthy and lively.

We always have your best interest in mind when it comes to trimming or removing excess bushes or limbs from the trees on your property to bring back the beauty in either your residential or commercial areas.

Tree Trimming

We had 2 trees down across our driveway, blocking us in and Stephen and his crew responded extremely fast. Their customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. If you need an honest tree company in Rome, Ga, I would strongly encourage you to call Walker’s.

Bill P.

stump grinding

Stump Grinding

The process of removing trees doesn’t end once the tree is cut down. After the tree is removed, you then have to consider how you’ll be removing the stump from your property. Leaving the stump on your land for too long can become a tripping hazard as well as cause unwanted pests, such as termites, to invade the property. Stump grinding ensures that the entire stump is effectively removed without any leftover roots remaining. Removing this stump entirely will allow you to have more space to use that area more efficiently rather than keeping an undesired stump hanging around. At Walker Tree Service, we use the most advanced equipment to perform a safe and complete stump removal using this stump grinding technique as one of our many offered tree removal services in Rome, GA.

Land and Lot Clearing

Whether needing a lot and land clear out is in your future plans for a development project or for future vegetation on your land, making sure the land is smooth and clear is an essential part of the process. Hacking away excess shrubs and plants can’t be done without a proper plan set in place. Refusing to do it the right way can actually be detrimental to the entire land and cause issues with future plant growth as well as causing issues with your plans for development. Our crew at Walker Tree Service is trained to provide excellent and professional land and lot clearing using forestry mowing to ensure minimal damage to your land. We know exactly how to tackle the project to make sure your land is in top-notch shape for whatever project you plan to pursue.

Land and lot clearing

What a great group of guys. I highly recommend them for any tree service, landscaping or fence needs. I used them for their tree removal service and had them remove 8 trees. Very professional, affordable, and an overall friendly crew. Thanks again Stephen.

Benedikt M.

Crown Lifting, Thinning, and Reduction

Crown Lifting, Thinning, and Reduction

Often times, you may find yourself in need of tree crown lifting, thinning, or reduction services. Here at Walker Tree Service, our professionals use extreme care to ensure the job is done right. These projects must be done correctly to prevent any harm to the tree. Crown reductions work by removing the tips of the beaches to keep the overall shape, while still reducing the size of the tree. Crown lifting removes the lower branches to ultimately lift the base height of the crown. Last but not least, crown thinning works by maintaining the natural growth cycle of the tree using special techniques to ensure the tree keeps its size and shape. Thinning is a great alternative to reduction.

Support Systems

Support systems, such as cables and braces, are often used to support the structures of growing or weak trees. These systems are set in place to reduce any risks of breaking branches during storms. Often times, certain trees can grow in a way that their structure becomes weakened and will not be able to support its own growth. Using braces or cables to support the tree can ultimately save the tree itself and prevent a structural failure in the future. Our crew at Walker Tree Service provides excellent actions for support systems to help keep your tree safe and secure while protecting the surroundings as well.

Support Systems

I needed several trees removed that were close to my house so I called Walker’s Tree Service. Not only was their response time quick but they did an amazing job and cleaned up everything. They provide some of the best tree service Rome, Georgia has to offer.

Sally H

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