Crown Lifting, Thinning, and Reduction
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Crown Lifting, Thinning, and Reduction

Often times, you may find yourself in need of tree crown lifting, thinning, or reduction services. Here at Walker Tree Service, our professionals use extreme care to ensure the job is done right. These projects must be done correctly to prevent any harm to the tree. Crown reductions work by removing the tips of the beaches to keep the overall shape, while still reducing the size of the tree. Crown lifting removes the lower branches to ultimately lift the base height of the crown. Last but not least, crown thinning works by maintaining the natural growth cycle of the tree using special techniques to ensure the tree keeps its size and shape. Thinning is a great alternative to reduction.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is sometimes very necessary in order to keep the size of a tree reduced and restricted from overgrowing. When our crew handles a crown reduction, the basic shape of the tree will be maintained, however, the size of the tree will be reduced through removing excess branch tips. This will essentially help the tree remain healthy while also not becoming a safety hazard for objects and buildings around it. If a tree crown needs to be reduced, it’s best to have a professional overlook and pursue the project to prevent any excess damage. 

Crown Thinning

Using the crown thinning technique, you can find almost the same results as you would with a crown reduction, except the method is a little more natural and helps keep the growth cycle of the tree in good health. Crown thinning is a great alternative for when the tree is in a safe spot that will not need a massive reduction, but it still is in need of general upkeep of its structure. The dead and overgrown branches are removed to protect the natural beauty and growth while making the tree crownless dense. Our professionals at Walker Tree Service are highly trained to ensure the growth and beauty of the tree crown is protected while completing this service.

Crown Lifting

When views become blocked due to tree branches, crown lifting may become necessary. This works by increasing the levels between the ground and the lower branches to improve sightlines and give better access to the bottom of the tree. During a crown lifting, the lower branches are removed to essentially lift the overall height of the base. Crown lifting needs to be done accurately by a professional to prevent any damaging wounds by removing branches that are too large. Doing this can cause extensive decay and cause the tree to deteriorate quickly. By allowing a professional tree company to provide these crown lifting services, you can eliminate the risk of destroying the tree’s internal health.

Our trained crew at Walker Tree Service is ready to provide you with quality and affordable crown reduction, thinning, and lifting services. We use the most reliable methods that are safe for keeping the tree healthy and beautiful, both inside and out. Allow us to help maintain the quality of the trees on your property by setting up an initial appointment with our team today.

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