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Support Systems

Support systems, such as cables and braces, are often used to support the structures of growing or weak trees. These systems are set in place to reduce any risks of breaking branches during storms. Often times, certain trees can grow in a way that their structure becomes weakened and will not be able to support its own growth. Using braces or cables to support the tree can ultimately save the tree itself and prevent a structural failure in the future. Our crew at Walker Tree Service provides excellent actions for support systems to help keep your tree safe and secure while protecting the surroundings as well.

Why Use Cables and Bracing

Having cables and braces properly placed on trees can help redistribute the weight and ultimately protect the trunk and limbs of the tree. This offers extra support for weaker trees to prevent branches from breaking off during extreme weather conditions and helps protect new trees as they continue to grow. The brace rods are often bolted together to support the limbs of the tree to offer additional support, however, this alone may not guarantee that the tree will not break in the future. No matter how big, small, old, or strong the tree is, there is a potential for it to become weak and fragile in the future. Braces and cables can ultimately help reduce the risk of potential damage or injury if the tree was to become weak. By utilizing support systems, you can also help increase the health of your tree in the future and possibly prevent the decline of the tree’s condition as well by creating a supporting structure.

Tree Support Systems

These support systems that are set in place by our professionals at Walker Tree Service include cabling and bracing to ensure the quality of life for the tree. While this may not completely save your tree in the future if extreme weather was to hit, it can surely reduce the risk of damage. The bolts and cables that are added to the tree crown are made of strong steel that is meant to support the branches to keep them strong throughout storms. When they are attached to weaker, growing trees, it also helps to provide extra support in growth to aid the young tree and prevent damage. At Walker Tree Service, we strive to deliver top quality support systems to help you avoid any damaging effects from broken branches or limbs. We also want to provide you with an easy transition for planting and growing new trees without having to worry about them breaking under pressure.

Having a support system set in place for the trees on your property can ultimately save the health of the trees and help them grow and last for years to come. While you can install a support system on your own, having our professional team supply the systems can help reduce any risk of harm to yourself and the tree. If you find yourself in need of cabling or bracing for a tree on your property, contact the experts at Walker Tree Service for affordable and effective services.

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