Tree Removal

Large, decaying trees are not only an eyesore on your property but it can also create hazardous conditions if the tree was to collapse on your land. Having an expert company handle tree removal is essential for ensuring the process is done safely and efficiently. Our team at Walker Tree Service is able to tackle any size trees to remove them entirely from your property without causing any distress to your land. These services allow us to provide you with a safe removal that includes the expulsion of the stump and roots to keep your property looking immaculate.

Tree Removal in Rome, GA

Walker Tree Service offers a professional approach to tree removal to ensure that everything is done properly. We serve the entire Rome, GA area with removal services from start to finish. Our expert crew will fully evaluate and inspect the tree to identify the severity of the situation and make a complete plan for safely removing the tree. When a tree becomes too old, it becomes a threat to everyone around it. It can also create a dangerous situation around power lines and buildings. This makes it crucial for you to have the tree safely removed by a professional. However, sometimes, a tree needs to be removed for other reasons and may need to be preserved. Our team is also qualified to handle this type of situation as well, and offer extra services such as stump removal and lot clearing once the tree is removed.

Extensive Professional Services

Once a tree is removed, there may be other things needed to clear the area and ensure the land is properly cleaned and smooth. These services often include stump removal using a grinding method. This method ensures that the stump and its roots are entirely removed to prevent you from having a decaying stump on your property. These leftover stumps can cause unwanted bugs and pests as well as becoming an eyesore on your land. No matter how big the project is, it’s important that you have the entire process completed by a professional that understands how to accurately remove the tree and clear away the stump. While you may not want the stump removed right away, Walker Tree Service can ultimately provide this service whenever you are ready. The tree removal process will be thorough and complete from start to finish, and we will be sure to clean any mess created, so you’ll never even know there was an old tree on the property.

When you hire our professional tree removal company in Rome, GA, you will be guaranteed the satisfaction of having the tree entirely removed without any extra hassles. We make it an easy process from start to finish to make sure that you are happy with the results. Tree removal is a big job that can’t be trusted in the hands of just anyone. Allow us to complete the process and give you the outcome you are searching for so that you can have a clean area to enjoy for future years to come.